Armor Suit Rhino | 金縷犀

語音導覽 青銅 Bronze 86.5 x 35 x43cm



The name of “Suit Armor Rhino” comes from a seven-character poem of Du Qiuniang in mid Tang dynasty. It was chanted with pure and keen emotion “Never idle away the prime”, a very impressive lyric has been sung through the ages. In accordance with this concept, Li-Jen Shih, the artist’s latest artwork “Suit Armor Rhino” is bold and creative. The Rhino reveals, suited in armor with golden thorn, an exalted glorious robe. Stepping forward slowly at an appropriate speed, with a confident look, as if it transmit the immemorial lyric into contemporary artwork, and is unveiling to public.    

In contrary to present mighty, powerful strength, the “Suit Armor Rhino” armed with gorgeous armor, yet breezed along. The right leg approaches forward, the back slight curves, and the pose as if it moves as smooth as flowing breeze. The purposive pace guides to destination of immortality of art.  There is a strong popular association between the thorny plump body and Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. There are terracotta warriors situated in the center of mausoleum. They are the most powerful troops armed with armor suits, shoulder pads, and defenses, what is similar to the “Suit Armor Rhino” is the armor suits which are originally made by hide of rhinos. It is hard to tell why the artist rearm “rhino hide armor suit” on the rhino, or it can be just a sense of humor. Perhaps there is a reminder for natural conservation and we humans must be self examined and behaved. Looking through its eyes, senses intuitively of trust and selflessness, and greeting the viewers by all heart. Its poised smile spreads as energetic as a naive newborn baby, and as proud as Venus.    

By means of rhino to express diverse implication shows Li-Jen Shih’s further respect for life and seems much more meaningful. The essential of “Suit Armor Rhino” can hardly illustrate by words. It is an attempt of the artist who desires to surpass the time, a glory of a period of history, a thought provoking amusement, and more than just a smile spreading sheer happiness and ease of a rhino’s life.