Bullish | 氣沖牛斗

語音導覽 青銅 Bronze 66 x 22 x 53cm


Yang Jiong, a poet from Tang Dynasty, wrote in Du Yuanzhou’s Epitaph: “the heavy sword’s shock wave rushes toward the bull”, which indicates a very powerful expression. Two Chinese characters “牛Niu” and “鬥Dou” represent two of the twenty-eight lodging stars respectively, embowered and fulled with “Qi” (gas; air). Bullish II, sculpted by artist Li-Jen Shih, looks like a sword coming out from its scabbard, ready to be sent. It is cast bronze. Its four feet are firmly planted on a rising pedestal. Its base has been made into a hillside shape, tilted upward. The rhino standing on it behaving like a general who oversees and controls everything. In other words, it is as appealing as the two lodging starts from the sky. Looking carefully at its facial expression: steady and peace. It is a confident mythical creature with the air (Qi) retained in the chest and strides forward.