Diamond Rhino | 鑽石金鋼

語音導覽 FRP, 施華洛世奇水晶 FRP, Swarovski Crystals 126 x 41 x74cm

 鑽石金鋼犀牛x 施華洛世奇  

時尚水晶設計品牌施華洛世奇,10月30日至11月 15日將在台灣推出施華洛世奇120周年特展,此次特展特別邀請到台灣知名藝術家施力仁先生,以「傳世經典,創新思維(Heritage and Innovation)」為理念跨界打造出《鑽石金鋼犀牛》─藝術雕塑精品,特展焦點見證不朽絢麗光芒。





In the past, rhinos were usually seen as a symbol of bravery, power, status and dignity. During ancient Greek period, the diamond had similar meaning of unconquerableness. Those mysterious stones is full of legendary colors, and its implication perfectly matches with that of the rhino. An adamas will eventually become an invaluable diamond after being delicately polished and incised, multiplying various lights and largely improving the value of its raw material. “Diamond  King Kong Rhino” adapts geometric cutting, rigid shaping as well as other stylistic sculptural languages which gives it a wonderful bloom and a second chance of art life.

Evolved since ancient times for about fifty million years——rhinos are fierce and steady. One could see their strong spirit through their eyes, making them more unknown and mystique. Nevertheless, because they have a keen horns which look special and precious, they have been persecuted by voracious human and have become an endangered species. Wild rhinos disappeared in China completely; few of them remain alive in Africa and Europe. Its rarity keeps pace with priceless diamond. Artist Li-Jen carries a passion for art and emphasizes conservation of nature and animals. Li-Jen worked with Swarovski and created “Diamond  King Kong Rhino”. He wishes to convey not only his focus on ecosystem, but also to catch up with fashion trend and incorporate unique elements, making his work an eternal classics within the art world.