Harley King Kong | 哈雷金鋼

語音導覽 不銹鋼鍍彩鈦
198 x 60 x 130cm


@北京鳳凰衛視總部 Phoenix Satellite Television, Beijing

  The rhinoceros in a position of power and strength. This specimen exhibits spiritual symbols from the great civilizations of the world. The fingerprint of concentric circles symbolizes life and growth, in nature and eternity. Our attention is driven towards the sky. On his forehead, we see a pyramid, spiritual symbol of the lost civilizations of the Maya and the Egyptians. He resembles the Kirin, a mythical animal from the Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shanhai Jing), he has a dragon's back and a tail shapes like a phurba, the Tibetan ritual dagger. His armor resembles those of the horses of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shihuang. Their leather cuirasses were made out of rhinoceros skins. The general aspect of this animals is post-industrial. The artist's undertaking has been one of levelling ancient tradition and the condition of contemporary man onto a universal space-time.