The Reappearing King Kong Rhino

語音導覽 青銅 Bronze 148 x 80 x 60cm

  埃及有句俗話:「一切都怕時間,時間都怕金字塔」。作品外形如金字塔巨集偉壯麗,內裡也透露出古埃及人賦予金字塔的精神:誠心備至,靈魂不滅。藝術家融入犀牛具有嘉瑞之兆的神獸靈氣,又映射出獅身人面像的韻味及中國三星堆,古國文明,歷歷在目。 《金鋼再現》給人向上精神文明的力量,視覺上青銅和鉚釘、硬邊切割的完美融合。作品選用青銅鑄造,給人一種沉穩厚重之感。強調其時尚的科技線條,造型渾然一體,於渾厚俐落中流露出一派天真,犀牛角指向天際,既象徵西方哥德式建築,又如埃及方尖碑,蘊含著一股雄偉的氣勢,給人以神秘的遐想,似乎在捍衛著正義,藝術家用最古老的生命將雕塑從古典拉到現代,朝向未來。

There is this well-known old saying in Egypt, "everything is afraid of time, but time is afraid of the pyramids". “The Reappearing King Kong Rhino” looks like a great pyramid from outside, and internally it reveals the great spirit ancient Egyptians gave to the pyramids: stay sincere, stay immortal. The artist Li-Jen integrates the divine aura obtained from a mysterious creature while reflects the lingering charm of both old Sphinx and Chinese Sanxingdui (they are precious relics of ancient civilization). “The Reappearing King Kong Rhino” aims to influence people in a positive way. Visually we observe a perfect fusion of bronze material, industrial rivets, and edge cutting technique. The work itself is cast in bronze, giving viewers a sense of heaviness and steady. Its design emphasizes fashion and advanced technology. A perfect balanced is achieved. Yet the work is completely dour, a sense of naiveté is injected into an otherwise somber and heavy-handed style. The rhino horn is pointing directly to the sky, like the Egyptian obelisk, also like the spire seen on Gothic cathedrals. The magnificence attracts and intrigues viewers, making them wondering what the work truly means. The rhino, came from the past, has witnessed human history, and will take a brisk stroll into the future.