Rhino Family Vessel | 犀牛尊家族

語音導覽 青銅 36 x 23 x 18cm(母) 38 x 23 x 18cm(公)


  Mr. Shih's 2003 work, a male and female couple - the Rhino Vessels. The rhinoceroses stand proud, their bodies are well-rounded, their four legs are short but strong, and their skin is thick and wrinkled, with two sharp ears. The animals are represented realistically, but their soaring horns bear the imprint of a human thumb, which also symbolizes righteousness, perseverance, and the optimistic spirit of the artist. The belly is hollow, and the back of the statue has an oval opening with a lid. These vessels could be used as wine coolers. Wine vessels shaped as rhinos derive from ancient Chinese traditional ritual bronzes, where they symbolized the power of the sovereign.