Running Rhino | 奔跑犀牛

語音導覽 青銅 bronze 490 × 190 × 225cm

  《奔跑的犀牛》承負著對生命式慰藉的追尋,藝術家以燃燒的知覺,淬煉著生命的硬度,表現出生活富有智慧的哲思與了悟,以藝術來詮釋人文精神。由犀腳延伸而成的底座,線條流暢,毫無羈絆的奔騰馳騁於大地之上,單腳著地之形象,讓人聯想到馬踏飛燕,別具風姿。 以其對歷史的回顧,還原中國古老的青銅工藝。

“Running Rhino”stands for the pursuit of comfort in life. It is refined in the artist’s spark of inspiration, expressing in an artistic way the creator’s reflection of life and interpretation of the humanistic spirit. In this work, the rhino is personified and endowed with the human spirit. The base is formed naturally by the extended part of the rhino’s feet as if the creature is galloping freely on the ground. The image of a rhino standing on one foot gives an association with the famous bronze sculpture "Horse Stepping on Flying Swallow" and reproduces the ancient bronze craft in the review of Chinese history.