The Impregnable Rhino | 銅牆鐵壁

語音導覽 不銹鋼手工鍛造、鐵板 stainless steel, iron 210 x 22.5 x 108cm


The artist adapts an embossment effect and makes “The Impregnable Rhino” a vivid relief on the steel board. The head of the rhino has been symmetrically divided into half. Steel, which symbolizes industrial civilization and has stainlessness feature, has been used to give the sculpture a mirror surface a special ability to reflect its surrounding. It is more visually appealing and has become part of the natural environment. Embossing technique enables the artist to make art works that are no longer 2-dimensional. This multifaceted characteristic is superimposed on the grandiose rhino design and together builds a unique watching experience for viewers. “The Impregnable Rhino” has strong line quality and steady structure. It highly represents Li-Jen’s macro and determined aesthetic preference.