Rhino in Love - 戀愛的犀牛

語音導覽 不銹鋼 Stainless steek 52 x 22 x 25cm、50 x 20.5 x 28cm


The title of this work is both propitious and auspicious. One could enjoy observing this pair of rhinos differently from each angle. When we view it head-on, their simple and honest smiles take as away from the distractions. From the sides, their bodies are as plump as the gold ingot, showing that “a wide heart embraces all”. When the two rhinos are put next to each other, Miss. rhino’s charming phoenix eyes match with Mr. Rhino’s majestic-looking. They are a lovestruck couple longing to cuddle, sweet and touching. Therefore, this work is also titled “Rhinos in Love” .