Wisdom Rhino | 蒼 犀

語音導覽 青銅 bronze  470x165x220cm

  「天蒼蒼,野茫茫,風吹草低,見牛羊」 犀牛──原古生命、奇趾類動物科目中的龐然大物,以身形而獲讚稱奇、以靈角而聞名遐邇。古老的生物犀牛,這尊出自藝術家施力仁之手的蒼犀牛周身圍繞圓形鎧甲,神色從容。體態渾厚的《蒼犀》風格延續了犀牛家族、金鋼犀牛等系列的生命脈絡,脊背上層層溝壑,也似雲嶺高原之巔,在牛身見證了時間的縱向發展,令人聯想起宋畫「萬壑松風」中不畏逆境,生命力十足的巍峨高大山水意象。


“The expanse of blueness above,
The boundless wilderness across,
Wind blowing by, grass nodding low,
Herds of cattle and goats emerge.”
-- Chinese Poetry

Rhino is one of the most ancient animals recorded in the oldest oriental mythology and legend, this rhino is suited armor, an exalted glorious robe, with kinds face. The Style of his new works ”Wisdom Rhino” is a continuation of the “Rhino family” series. The and pleats of the back recall the Imagery of the top of the hill, we witness the historical traces in the rhino body. it also reminds the viewer of the Song dynasty painting “Myriad Ravines with Wind in the Pines” which portrayed the rugged, powerful features of a mountainous scene.