Current Exhibition | 當期展覽

犀捲台北:藝術 X 時尚新風潮 施力仁藝術展
Rhino Revives Taipei: Shih Li-Jen solo Exhibition - Art x Fashion

Date | 展期: 2023. 10. 21 - 12. 25
Opening | 開幕茶會: 2023. 10. 21 at 19:30


  Taiwan, a realm infused with cutting-edge technology, culture, and innovation, has perennially held a significant role in the global art landscape. Shih Li-Jen, a native Taiwanese artist, embodies the artistic dynamism of this island. His oeuvre now garners international acclaim, and the upcoming exhibition, ' Rhino Revives Taipei: Shih Li-Jen solo Exhibition - Art x Fashion,' jointly hosted by Oops Creative Square and Leo International, promises to deliver a profound fusion of art and fashion, accentuating Shih Li-Jen's distinctive stature.

Shih Li-Jen's artistic journey has been an odyssey of challenges and audacity. One of his seminal works, the 'King Kong Rhino,' which first graced Taipei's Xinyi District in 2011 at the Kelti Headquarters Plaza, swiftly metamorphosed into an urban landmark, infusing the cityscape with a unique artistic essence. This sculpture, with its lustrous all-stainless steel mirror-like finish, intricately woven structural lines, and profound symbolic depth, offers viewers an unparalleled wellspring of artistic inspiration. Shih Li-Jen's rhinoceros creations encapsulate the symbolism of ancient civilizations while incorporating futuristic imaginings, epitomizing his style and creative philosophy, and serving as a crowning jewel in contemporary Taiwanese art.

Nevertheless, the influence of the 'King Kong Rhino' extends far beyond Taiwan's borders and reaches the global stage. It has graced the exhibitions at the Venice Art and Architecture Biennales in both 2017 and 2018, emerging as the flagship piece of the inaugural interdisciplinary Art and Architecture Biennale. This journey to Venice cast an intensified global spotlight on contemporary Taiwanese art and etched Shih Li-Jen's name onto the pages of European and American news reports and social media. Furthermore, his works engaged in a cross-temporal dialogue with Albrecht Dürer's 'Rhinoceros' print from the Renaissance era at the Barozzi Palace in Italy, spanning over 500 years, illuminating his preeminent status in the international art arena.

' Rhino Revives Taipei: Shih Li-Jen solo Exhibition - Art x Fashion' will serve as a showcase for Shih Li-Jen's singular artistic style. This exhibition will feature his most emblematic rhinoceros sculptures alongside a series of pioneering creations. These artworks are not merely pieces of art; they constitute a discourse of ideas, a profound contemplation concerning nature, humanity, and compassion. Shih Li-Jen's art propels us into a deeper exploration of the nexus between humanity and the natural world, provoking contemplation about the shared destiny of our planet and issuing a collective call to action for a brighter future.

  This exhibition will afford us the opportunity to witness a milestone achieved by a Taiwanese artist on the international stage. His works remind us of the formidable power of art and how art assumes the role of a pivotal voice on the world stage, responding to global challenges and transformations. This, in essence, encapsulates the core of art, and Shih Li-Jen embodies this spirit.

  ' Rhino Revives Taipei: Shih Li-Jen solo Exhibition - Art x Fashion' will be held at Oops Creative Square and Leo International, with steadfast support from the Chinese Cultural Exchange Promotion Association. The exhibition will sweep through Taipei's fashion and creative realms with an anthropomorphic, technological, and cartoon-inspired style, opening a gateway to the realm of contemporary art from a compassionate perspective—a world brimming with creativity, introspection, and surprises. Let us collectively embark on this journey of art and fashion, and in doing so, reposition Taiwan's standing and influence within the international art community. Shih Li-Jen's works not only constitute art but are also a source of immense pride for Taiwan."

Works / 作品欣賞