Champagne King Kong | 香檳金鋼犀牛

語音導覽 不銹鋼、電鍍彩色鈦金屬 stainless steel, transparent color coatin 118 x 29 x 52cm



The evolution of the King Kong Rhino enables the volume of the art objects to dissolve and be transformed within the space. This reminds people of all the mechanical beings in the movie Transformers. Apart from the concept of relating art work to the perspective, proportion and volume of its surrounding environment that emphasized by mater sculptor Philippe Hiquily, “Champagne King Kong Rhino” returns and concentrates on the essence of the art work itself. It is no longer a product of artist expressing and showing advanced techniques and has become a functional object —— used as a wine container or vase meanwhile displays both aesthetics and practicality, making art works enter people’s life much easier and greatly facilitate the process of culture's popularity.