Diamond Rhino | 鑽石金鋼

語音導覽 青銅 Bronze 126 x 41 x74cm


A Diamond is a piece of adamas after delicate polish and incision. It represents religious glorification, at the same time seen as a symbol of courage, puissance, royal and dignity. In the past, rhino alike diamond, is a emblem of sovereign. The rhino horn stands for overweening power. Therefore, the artist has named this unique work “Diamond King Kong Rhino”. Nowadays, diamonds have become a type of common ornaments that everyone can own —— this matches the artist’s very first thought of publicize his rhino sculptures in an everyday setting, and be accessible to each of us. Just like how he incorporates fingerprint patterns and a thumb design to the rhino horn. A adamas is hardly recognizable if shown to people without burnish, but the sophisticated process and the creative design give it a second life and make it shine in front of people. “Diamond King Kong Rhino”adapts geometric cutting, rigid shaping as well as other stylistic sculptural languages which likewise gives it a second chance of like. The making of rhino is similar to the making of a diamond —— all require perfect measurement, careful polish, and further modification to make it perfect.