Rhino Baby | 犀牛崽

語音導覽 銅 Bronze 105 x 42 x 62cm

  這是一隻剛出生不久即被盜獵者奪去其母親生命的犀牛崽,面容凝重沉默,透露出一股悲慟的氣質,眼淚汩汩,四肢聚攏,前肢邁步向前,尾巴顫栗收緊,筆直向下。藝術家形像生動的把小犀牛這種難過恐懼的心理通過肢體、頭部的形態表達的淋漓盡致,也使得觀者為之動容,潸然淚下。 犀牛崽以青銅鑄成,來自於施力仁"生生不息"裝置作品,犀牛崽一般在母犀牛的保護下成長至五歲方能離開母親獨立面對大自然,然而盜獵者挖走母犀的角後,小犀牛如果沒有及時得到救助將會在犀牛媽媽身邊餓死或是被其他獵食者殺害。藝術家以這種最直接並且帶有一絲批判性的方式將犀牛展示在觀眾的面前。用視覺的衝擊引起大家對大自然與人類關係的關注反思。

This sculpture represents a newly born little rhino whose mother’s life has been robbed by the poachers. He is all-alone now, with bereft silence and tearful eyes. His limbs were gathered together with the one of the front legs moving forward; his tail is shuddering and slouches straight down. The artist has portrayed the rhino in a way that vividly shows the great fear of him, so that to move the spectators.

The rhino sculpture is made of bronze and comes from the works of Li-Jen Shih titled “The Circle of Life is Endless”. In general, a rhino child would spend his first-five-year under the protection of his mom until he becomes strong enough to face the nature independently, however, evil poachers stole female rhino’ horn and left baby rhino with no chance to stay alive — he would either starve to death or be killed by other hunters. Aiming to show the horrific scene in front of all the audience, Li-Jen has adopted a most direct and skeptical approach. He wishes to rely on this dramatic visual effect to draw people's attention and force them to reflect on the relationship between nature and human beings.